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Aluminium Hydroxide

Alumina - metallurgical grade

Alumina - non-metallurgical grade


Brown Fused Aluminium Oxide (abrasive and refractory)

Calcium Aluminate Cements

Chamotte specially-treated dustless  ARCICAST 40, 47 and 60 for use in investment casting

Chamotte E for sanitary ware

Chrome Alumina for refractories, industrial floor hardeners

Chrome Oxide Green

Chromium metal

Chromium metal powder

GRANALOX® Ceramic Bodies

GRANALOX® NM 9970 F  Ready-to-press granulate with optimized binder system

HiPerCem – A new refractory binder concept

Magnesia (sea water based high purity sintered)

Magnesia caustic calcined

Magnesia  fused sea water based


Mullite fused

Mullite M 72, Z 72 Synthetic Sintered

Mullite Reactive M 672

NABACAST® Innovative binder based on α-Al2O3

NABALOX® Aluminas:  calcined, milled hard calcined, milled soft calcined,  reactive monomodal, super reactive monomodal, reactive bimodal

NABALOX® Synthetic Refractory Grain K 85       

NABALOX® Innovative Reactive Alumina NO 660

NABALOX®  - a new generation of fine ground, soft calcined aluminas

NABALOX® Polishing Aluminas

Silicon Carbide – Black and Green


SYMULOX ®Synthetic Sintered Mullites M 72, Z 72

SYMULOX® Synthetic Reactive Mullite M 672

Synthetic Cryoite

Tabular Alumina

White Fused Aluminium Oxide (abrasive and refractory)

Whitening Agents for Porcelain Bodies BLANCMIN ZA 17 and BLANCMIN ZG 17

Zeolites Synthetic

Zirconium Oxides:  special ceramic grades, glass and gemstone grades, electronic grades, ceramic pigment grades,  MELox structural ceramic grades, MELox functional ceramic grades, MELox magnesia grades for structural ceramics, ceramic grade magnesia doped – coarse,  MELox yttria doped zirconia, MELsperse  Nano size dispersions

Zirconia Chemicals:  cross-linkers for paper coating formulations, solvent based printing inks, binder for catalyst manufacture, antiperspirants, paint driers, titanium dioxide pigment manufacture.

Zirconia Toughened Alumina: suitable for demanding structural ceramic applications