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To offer from overseas manufacturers to the Indian market high purity, high quality, high performance, bench mark raw materials, natural and synthetic, not available in India and even if available not of the right quality.


Kailash Marketing Associates is professionally managed and represent overseas Manufacturers/Principals from Brazil, Croatia, France, Germany, Israel, Mexico, England offering raw materials used in abrasive, ceramic , foundry, refractory, chemical and other industries.

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On Email - contact@kailashmarketing.co.in
On Call - +919819880118;
On Visit - 4B, H & G House, Plot No. 12, Sector 11,
                    Jawaharlal Nehru Marg, CBD Belapur,
                    Navi Mumbai – 400 614.
                    Maharashtra (India)

What we offer


materials such as white fused alumina, brown fused alumina, violet aluminium oxide, pink aluminium oxide, dark pink aluminium oxide, black silicon carbide  macro and micro for bonded, vitrified  and coated abrasives.

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raw  materials such as aluminas, ceramic bodies, synthetic sintered mullites, reactive mullite,  sea water sintered magnesia, zirconias (monoclinic, stabilized), zirconia toughened alumina  for electro, engineering,filer , high temperature, household,  structural, technical, wear resistant and advanced ceramics.

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raw materials such as aluminas of various types,  brown fused aluminas, chrome alumina, mullites,  spinels, white fused aluminas,  sea water sintered magnesia, sea water fused magnesia, zirconias (monoclinic and magnesia stabilized), zircon mullite for making shaped and unshaped,  castable, continuous casting refractories, gunning mixes; synthetic refractor grain with high alumina content, innovative alpha-alumina based cement free  binder.

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Ceramic Tiles and Sanitary ware

Materials such as 

  1. BLANCMIN ZA 17 and BLANCMIN ZG 17 Whitening Agents for Porcelain Bodies,
  2. Chamotte E for sanitary ware
  3. ENERMIN Additive for  Energy Improvement in porcelain tile firing
  4. Polishing Alumins
  5. Smelter grade alumina
  6. SmartSilver® WC-10 Antimicrobial Additive
  7. Ceramic tiles and sanitary war

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SmartSilver WC-10 Antimicrobial Additive in ceramic tiles and sanitary ware 


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Chrome Oxide Green


Synthetic Cryolite

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